Movies: rewboss at home: Britney, OJ and friends.

OK, this is a bit of fun on my part, inspired by a comment on the B.S. Brigade forums; as such it contains quite a few in-jokes, but you should get the gist. Can you spot the, er, deliberate mistake?

And this is the follow-up:

Note: For technical reasons, users of Internet Explorer 6 or earlier may have to wait for the entire movie to download before it will play. Firefox and Explorer 7 will stream the video properly. Users of any other Internet Explorer version need to click once on the video to activate it, and a second time to start the video.


4 mins, 41 secs (rewboss at Home); 32 secs (An Apology)
Post-production software
Magix Video deluxe 2007
Welcome to the Show by Kevin McLeod; Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Kevin McLeod, both available royalty-free at

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