Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

The are two reasons I’m posting this: a minor one and a major one.

The minor reason is that I’ve tweaked the code on this side to embed YouTube videos using the version 3 player, which gives easier access to controls such as player resolution and subtitles.

The major reason is that I think it deserves it, if only because a lot of work went into it. It came to my attention through the Creator’s Corner forum with a request to critique it.

From what I can gather, the creators, known as “What A World Films”, are a group of semi-professionals (or students, I’m not sure) who simply have a passion for making high-quality original videos. They did tell me that the budget for this one was around $500 to $700, which went mostly on props and catering.

I did have my criticisms, the most important one being that the woman’s motives are completely mysterious to the point of being senseless: a clearer indication of what exactly induced her to leave in the first place is certainly needed.

But, even if slightly clichéd, it’s a great piece of work. What it demonstrates to anyone who thinks that the ability to perform light-sabre battles is the most important thing to look out for in a video editor is that what you really need is a strong storyline, a bit of imagination and the right kind of lighting. In theory — and I never get tired of pointing this out — you could make this video with Windows Live Movie Maker and it would look just as slick.

This is something to bear in mind for anyone thinking of shelling out several hundred dollars for a “professional” editing suite.