Cat progress report

Cat progress report

Bonnie and Clyde are about four months old now, give or take, and to celebrate, we took them to see the vet yesterday afternoon. They were not amused, and Bonnie even hissed at the vet, which was most unlike her.

To be fair, they’d had a car journey and a wait in the waiting room, where the sight of lots of big dogs made them tremble so much, their carrying boxes shook. I don’t think they’d ever been quite so frightened in their lives, apart perhaps from the first time they called the fire brigade out (we live just a couple hundred yards from the big siren).

As well as a repeat of the shot they’d had before, they got a rabies shot (although in fact rabies is probably as good as extinct in Germany). You can’t be too careful.

Of course, Clyde, hormones starting to take effect, wasn’t going to take this without protest either, and decided to have a short, but violent, tantrum after we put him back in his basket.

And incidentally, the cats have grown. And by “grown”, I mean grown. When they first arrived, they came in one box with room to spare. Now, you’d need a crowbar. Clyde has grown the most, and is almost as big as some full-grown cats I’ve seen. It was when he reached up to scratch the yucca in my office the other day when it hit home: a few short weeks ago, he had to stand on his haunches to see into the pot; now, he can reach halfway up the plant without any effort. He’s also developed a beautiful glossy coat, and is in the process of developing some frighteningly powerful-looking muscles.

Bonnie has a much smaller frame, but has put on a massive growth spurt in the past week or two. She’s always going to be the more petite of the pair, but she looks set to grow up to be a fair size all the same. And no weakling, either; but in addition to a fair amount of clout, she’s demonstrated in the few serious fights she’s had with her brother that she has the tactical edge over him, and has even managed to throw him judo-style. And seems to be in danger of reclaiming her title as top cat.