Keeping daddy fit

Keeping daddy fit

Bonnie has invented a new game. Or rather, she has added a new twist to a game I invented, a deed I now bitterly regret.

The game I invented was very simple. It involved me taking a rubber ball, putting it somewhere on the monster scratching post, and Bonnie racing up to retrieve it.

Bonnie’s twist is both elegant in its simplicity, and fiendish in its pure, malevolent evil. Now, having retrieved the ball, she races downstairs with it, and then waits patiently at the bottom of the stairs for me to trudge down and retrieve it from her claws, and then to trudge back upstairs again, where Bonnie will race to be first up the scratching post.

Only when she leaves the ball upstairs and I am gasping for breath and clutching at my chest is the game over. But at least it keeps her quiet for the rest of the day.

Photograph of cats sleeping on sofa (32kB)