Feline progress

Feline progress

It’s summer right now, and so I don’t have to go out teaching as much as normal. That’s not a bad thing, because it means I can keep an eye on the cats for the next few weeks as well as pay more attention to my site, but it does mean that this site runs the risk of turning into a cat blog.

And one of the things that’s truly astounding, even though you know you should have expected it, is just how fast Bonnie and Clyde are growing, and how their characters are developing. It’s interesting, because Clyde seems to be gaining in not just agility, but self-confidence. At first, it seemed that Bonnie would be the leader, but Clyde has been winning more of their wrestling matches recently (“recently” being a relative term, since they’ve been with us for less than a week) and putting her in her place.

That’s coincided with the rate they’ve grown, which is visible after even such a short time. They’ve both grown, but Clyde more than Bonnie, who is now noticeably bigger than her. They’re still very small: this morning I had both of them on my lap at the same time, but that won’t last.

They’re both worryingly intelligent, Bonnie more so than Clyde. I suppose it’s too early to say whether Bonnie is going to have the brains and Clyde the brawn, but the way things are going, nothing is going to stop them when they get older.

My wife pointed out to me that whenever we open or close a door, while Clyde is looking to see what happens at his eye level, Bonnie is very studiously watching the door handle. She is going to be one of those cats that can open doors. For his part, Clyde, on being shut out of the bathroom, will look for way in from the room next door.

At least Bonnie’s house training is coming along nicely, mostly due, we think, to Clyde being a good example. But she still hasn’t quite got the hang of burying her poo, which usually sits on top of the litter. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, but Bonnie’s poo stinks so much, we have to open a window. We haven’t had any more accidents, which is the main thing.

Which I suppose is as good a note as any to end this entry. For the record, both cats are asleep right now: Bonnie in the other room, Clyde on my dest (his favourite spot being next to the printer).