Unintentional dark humour

Unintentional dark humour

I feel really bad about this, because it involves a very nasty accident that left one woman dead and at least one person in hospital being treated for profound shock. What happened was — and it’s horrible just to think of it — a grass cutter hit a piece of steel pipe and either the pipe or one of the blades flew into the air and killed a passer-by.

The macabre piece of humour is probably in my own head, but it popped in, unbidden, as I read the headline in the Daily Telegraph: Australian woman died after “head was cut off during freak lawnmower accident”.

Her head was cut off… and then she died? What else, I was horrified to find myself asking, could she have done at that point?

(Note: There seems to be some doubt as to whether or not the unfortunate victim was actually decapitated. The Telegraph seems to be cautiously distancing itself from earlier reports. Other reports, which are few and far between, either don’t mention decapitation at all, or mention it in the headline only, suggesting a hasty re-write of copy.)