I should blog more

I should blog more

Seriously, I really should blog more. This is just ridiculous. I keep telling myself I have better things to do, which is true, but that’s not the point. I really should blog more.

Among some of things you have missed because I wasn’t blogging about them, in no particular order:

  • I have a new computer, which took about a week to set up and has something wrong with it. Of course. It’s not a biggie, but I refuse all the same to take it back and get a new one, on the grounds that after a week of setting this one up, I don’t feel like spending another week setting up a different computer only to find it sucks for a different, and more urgent, reason, such as taking a dislike to my external hard drive.
  • Our trip to the Netherlands went fine, thanks. Oh, you didn’t know we were in the Netherlands? Here’s the video record of our visit.
  • YouTube outed me as one of their PowerPosters, which basically means I get to escalate bug reports. It’s almost as fun as it sounds.
  • My wife broke the toilet. But we’re not talking about that.
  • In case you’re ever thinking of visiting Koblenz and are a connoisseur of great architecture, I suggest you first poke your eyes out with a corkscrew. It’s less painful that way, trust me.
  • My wife won a prize for a contest she forgot she’d ever entered. We’re not talking about that, either.
  • I’ve had some very entertaining run-ins with far-right extremists who think Europe is about to be islamified. What’s entertaining about it is being able to point them to some actual facts and figures and watch them backpedal.
  • My wife baked some pastries about which we are not talking.

So there you have it: You are now pretty much up to speed with the most important things going on in my life right now. I wonder how much longer I can keep this blogging mularky up?