Sad geek meet

Sad geek meet

So last weekend was the not-really-very-official German YouTube gathering in Frankfurt, which is close enough from where I live that I could attend without having to book a hotel, and I made two days out of three.

It was, as it turned out, a very pleasant weekend, with about twenty-five attendees. That doesn’t sound like much — it wasn’t — but it was a pleasant, friendly meet.

A lot of people didn’t make it, including Germany’s number 1 YouTube star, coldmirror, who’d initially intended to be there; and several people I’d hoped to meet again after last year were also conspicuous by their absence. Then again, I did meet some new people, so on balance, it was good.

And my cheeseburger was good. I’d definitely recommend Chicago Meatpackers unless you’re on a budget (certainly beats McDonald’s); although if you prefer German food and don’t mind a long trip to the outskirts of the city, Zum lahmen Esel is worth a visit.

I managed to get everyone on film except for DiamondOfTears, who arrived after dark on Saturday, in light levels my camera just couldn’t cope with (sorry, Amy).