On sloth and fame

On sloth and fame

It’s been a long time, mainly because where this site is concerned, I have fallen prey to the three-toed deadly sin and just haven’t bothered. It’s not writer’s block as such, more writer’s disinclination. There’s a German word that fits the bill here: Unlust is often translated as “aversion”, but that suggests too much activity. It’s what you feel when you say, “Meh.” It’s not so much that you dislike something, more that you don’t adore it. Can’t be bothered. Some other time. Just not now. Wake me up when it’s not Monday any more.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. It’s not that writing up this blog is a chore, it’s just that what with everything else that Having A Life entails, on coming home in the evening I just don’t feel like shaking my braincells out of their stupor and demanding creativity out of them.

But I have been thinking, helped by the fact that money-earning activities have eased off somewhat (or had: just when I was beginning to get used to the idea, a number of things cropped up and pulled the plug on my relaxing too much), and some coherent thoughts have begun to coalesce.

One of the pieces of my life at the moment is my YouTube activity, which is doing reasonably, but not stunningly, well. Of course, the ultimate dream — which has about as much chance of coming true as Sarah Palin does of being appointed Special Advisor to the President on moose conservation — is to get a few hundred thousand subscribers so I can stop working and do YouTube full time. Certainly, my wife keeps asking me when I’m going to get famous.

Unrealistic aspirations aside, it strikes me that my channel has potential, but this hasn’t been unleashed yet. By which I mean that if I could get a bit more tactical, and maybe just tweak a few things here and there without compromising whatever artistic integrity my subscribers insist on believing I have… Well, who knows?

A few things got me thinking. First is the fact that I have a few very high profile subscribers — actual celebrities, some of them — so I must be doing something right.

Second is the interesting observation that while I am currently the 92nd most subscribed German partner of all time, I’ve recently been getting channel honours for, for example, 43rd most viewed German partner for the day. This means that far more people than my subscriber count suggests have been watching my videos recently. That’s something I need to capitalise on.

Third was a piece of advice in the YouTube Partner Help forum, not actually directed at me, but interesting all the same: people become interested in you as a person, went the reasoning, and you need to build up an online presence: YouTube channel, website, forum, Twitter. Well, I’ll pass on the Twitter, thanks, but I have everything else. I probably need, though, to put more energy into it.

The upshot of all this thinking is that I reckon my channel needs to evolve a little. Not much, but a little. I think I know what direction I can try to go in, although whether I can carry it off or not is a different matter.

It’s not, I hasten to add, because I want fame and fortune (although fortune would be nice). I just feel that with a bit of effort, I could do something with this.