What’s the Middle East?

What’s the Middle East?

I just decided I wanted to try something a bit different. An actual animation.

Willy Worm is a character I’ve been doodling for many years now, more than I care to remember in fact, but this is the first time he has ever spoken. Being a worm, he sees human culture and tradition from the outside — to be exact, from below, looking up. Everything looks different from that perspective.

The animation is deceptively simple. I start with the body, onto which I first superimpose the eyes, which I can make blink. I then superimpose the mouth: I simply have a range of mouth shapes (smiling, neutral, open wide, tongue sticking out, and so on) which I swap out as necessary, to fit the dialogue. It’s not difficult, but it is fiddly and time consuming.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure Willy has potential, but the process of animating him soon gets tedious.