Why I can’t make it

Why I can’t make it

If you invite me to participate in something and I don’t go, it’s not usually personal. It’s because, oddly enough, I have something called a “life”.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I’d like to go to an event called “Secret Talents”. This is an event organised by YouTube in Germany, and I, as a minor German YouTube celebrity (whatever that means), had the chance to go. Not to take part, you understand, just as a spectator; but still, I’d get to meet up with some real celebrities and rub shoulders with the likes of… Well, people you’ve probably never heard of, but trust me, they’re real celebrities.

Apparently, this event was organised without reference to the fact that some of us have lives, and even impatient clients with deadlines. See, had Secret Talents taken place today, or even yesterday or tomorrow, I’d have been there, revisiting Berlin (where I lived for ten years) and picking up a YouTube goodie bag. But, you see, they decided to hold it on Thursday.

Thursday, people! What were you thinking? Oh, right — you were thinking that people who make YouTube videos don’t work on Thursdays. Do you want to know where I was on Thursday? I’ll tell where I was on Thursday: I was in a meeting room in a factory teaching English, that’s where I was. And after that, I was sitting at my computer translating something that had to be sent off the next morning.

So, anyway, I could live without my YouTube goodie bag, although now there are all these videos popping up showing some of the people I met in Munich back in August all having fun while I was slaving away and not posting anything to this website because I didn’t have time. Bitter? Moi?

But there’s more.

Somebody on YouTube sent me, and a bunch of other German YouTubers, a message announcing an open mic session in a place called Andernach (which I have since discovered is just north of Koblenz, so well within reach). Would I be interested?

Why yes, certainly I’d be interested. After all, I haven’t done standup since I left Berlin. What a great opportunity!

Guess what? It’s on a bleedin’ Wednesday!