Sorted captions

Sorted captions

To cut a long story slightly less long: you remember how, a little while back, I was having problems with captions and overlay ads in YouTube’s external player?

Well, the problem has been sorted out now, but not without hiccups. If you review this post and play the video, turning on captions, you’ll see that now the captions appear behind the ad when it pops up. That wouldn’t be quite so bad, but you’ll also see that the little X in the top right corner of the ad is missing, so you can’t make the ad go away. Ouch.

As it happens, YouTube have been switching over to a new, widescreen format, which is sort of cool, if you don’t mind standard 4:3 videos being pillarboxed. But it seems that widescreen ads are playing in 4:3 embedded players, so the “Close” button is out of reach.

The fix, then, is to embed videos in widescreen format, which I shall be doing from now on. If you need captions, you’ll just need to dismiss the overlay ads when they pop up — sorry about that, but it is unavoidable.

Here, then, is my entry for the next round of user-created videos for the YouTube Help Center: How to transfer videos from your camcorder to your computer. In glorious widescreen.

(And yes, the preview image is distorted. The actual video isn’t.)