Get more subscribers!

Get more subscribers!

One of the scourges of YouTube has, for a long time, been the “sub4sub” business; so much so that now, any comment containing the word “sub4sub” will be automatically deleted.

Basically, what happens is this: Somebody offers to subscribe to your channel if you subscribe to theirs. Of course, most of them don’t ever watch any of your videos, but they do send you lots of spammy messages. More experienced YouTubers (as they are known) take a dim view of this, not surprisingly, and of course all of the really famous celebrities have probably never sub4subbed in their lives.

So this parody by ralfonzo83 and Sugartalker has been creating ripples in YouTube-land, with, last time I looked, nearly 12,000 views within a week.

ralfonzo83 can probably be fairly described as the YouTubers’ YouTuber, and Sugartalker has produced some interesting work as well. But what makes this video particularly special is that ralfonzo83 is in Germany, and Sugartalker is in Canada. Up until now, I thought that the ultimate in international collaborations was BenLoka and babyporridge’s cover of the Foo Fighters’ Virginia Moon, but this one beats that hands down in the “you’d think they were in the same room together” stakes.