Interview with Rev Swaggers

Interview with Rev Swaggers

A long, long time ago, I filmed an interview with a man who claimed to have invented the light sabre. It was my first attempt at cloning myself and showed promise, but it was a lot of effort and I never made any more of those.

It was a shame, because I had a whole galaxy of characters waiting to be interviewed. But it struck me that if I changed the format, the whole thing would be a whole lot easier and quicker to film.

Instead of me playing two parts on screen, I could play only the interviewee — the idea of not having the host on screen is not particularly new, and can be done in post production with me simply adding a voice over. The comedy would come from the interviewee himself (no more dodgy Birmingham accents).

The result is an interview with Rev. Graham Swaggers, an agnostic televangelist.

One or two people have interpreted this as an indictment on wishy-washy religious zeal, and I suppose that is valid, but really it’s about a paradoxical character, a man who talks with all the fervant conviction of a true Bible-thumper, but actually doesn’t believe anything of any substance.