Thinking of something to say

Thinking of something to say

Now, see, here’s something I don’t quite understand: While my own web stats are showing a drop in viewing figures since the beginning of October, when a video of mine was featured in Germany, Google is reporting a huge increase. I don’t mind one bit, because I’m making money out of it, but I am now in constant fear of somebody from Google telling me I must be cheating somehow and booting me out of AdSense, losing me ads on this site and my Partner status at YouTube.

Whatever it is that’s happening, since the best way to keep people reading this website is to update it regularly, I’m going to have to keep updating it, which means trying to think of something to say.

Well, the weather is pretty awful today: all grey and chilly and wet, and I’m not in the mood to do anything today. Tomorrow morning, I have to go to the dentist, where I’m going to have a couple of teeth fixed, and then I have to make my weekly awesomevloggers video with half my face paralysed, all for your entertainment.

Apart from that, there’s little to say. But hey — if you’re one of the thousands of people Google says are visiting, do please head over to the contact form and let me have the benefit of your feedback. Or tell me what to talk about.