Do zombies exist?

Do zombies exist?

This is a German video with closed captions. And it was also an interesting challenge.

I made it because it’s about time I made another German video, and I couldn’t think of anything to vlog about. This idea just popped into my head, and I still don’t know what it means. It’s probably a parable about conspiracy theorists. It may also just be a load of nonsense.

I went through the entire script four times from different angles. Had it been a professional production, I’d have gone through it pretty much ad nauseum from each angle, but this isn’t a professional production and I didn’t have much time to make it.

First, I put on my “rewboss” T-shirt and did the close-up of that character; then I pulled out and did the whole thing again, this time with the whole sofa in shot. Then, leaving the camera exactly where it was, I changed and had a shave and swapped roles. Finally, I did a close-up of the second character.

Getting the shots with two of me was then a simple matter (ha!) of putting one take on top of the other, and then removing one half of the topmost take to reveal the other me.

Easier said than done, and if you look carefully you can see that I didn’t quite succeed. I was at the mercy of natural light, and although the sun was shining pretty much constantly (there does exist an outtake where the sun suddenly disappeared behind a cloud), in the time it took me to change personas, it had moved slightly, giving a very slightly different quality to the light.

That wouldn’t have been so bad, but I also (inadvertantly) left white balance on auto. When I changed into darker clothes, the auto white balance did its job and recalculated the white balance, making everything brighter to compensate for the overall darkening of the whole picture. Result: two-tone wallpaper (the cut-off shadow on the wall only making it even more obvious). I tried to correct this in post-production, but that’s very much hit-and-miss with my editor: more miss than hit.

Still, not a bad piece of work all in all.