So on Friday I was at the YouTube gathering in Munich. It was only a small gathering — about 30 or 40 people — but that made it all the more pleasant.

I didn’t get to speak to everyone, but I did get to meet a few people in the flesh whom I’d previously only met online.

Obviously, many of the big stars were there, like AericWinter, speedyconkiwi and muserine, and xOREGx, who’d helped organise things. I discovered, among other things, that in real life ralfonzo83 looks very different than he does on-screen, while NarsinhaTube looks exactly the same.

There were quite a few non-Germans there, too: PockhuhnFilm and PalpitatioCordis came in from Austria (although that’s closer to Munich than most of Germany, so probably doesn’t count), skarlinx is originally from Venezuela but is currently based in Berlin, Dinzla hails from Iceland, and paisleyduck is from Chicago but just happens to be on a study trip in Berlin at the moment.

So yes, it was interesting and fun, and this video doesn’t really do the gathering justice.