This one started with AericWinter’s joke about how to acheive immortality, which reminded me of an old joke originally featuring Bill Gates. So I repackaged it.

Right now, I seem to be doing a lot of ambitious stuff, and this one was no exception. Having recruited the services of kalifstorch25 to provide the voice of God (he sings bass, he tells me), I had to decide how I would actually represent God. Should I just speak into thin air? That would look stupid.

There was only really one viable solution. Since I am now a partner, I have to be more careful than ever about copyright, so I couldn’t just pull images of heaven and hell from a Google search: I had to create those pictures myself, and so by necessity, the video was going to be a mix of live action and cartoon. I’m not an animator, though, so God was never going to move, but I think the “rough-and-ready” approach suits my style and this video as a whole.

I had originally planned to use a sort of cartoony fire for the fire-and-brimstone effect: make up a drawing of flames and just move them around the bottom of the screen. I decided against that, though: it might have looked quite funny, but half my audience would probably not have recognised it as fire. Instead, I used some stock footage of… well, of fire, which I mixed into the video.

The cartoony “electric shock” effect was a lot simpler than it may look. I took a capture of one frame, and saved it as an image. I then took that image, brightened it, and painted a slihouette over myself, and saved the result as a new file. Finally, it took that file, drew a cartoony skeleton over it, and saved that as a new file. It was then simply a question of playing a rapid sequence of those three images through a couple of times.