Living with Decency Deficit Syndrome

Living with Decency Deficit Syndrome

No, this isn’t especially original; many people have posted vlogs about the phenomenon of “haters”. These are the people who leave nasty comments on YouTube videos that go beyond simple criticism. Some hater comments are abusive to the point of constituting harassment.

In my view, haters are basically cowards who need to feel they have power over people, and find the internet a good way to provoke people while remaining, essentially, anonymous. Making them look stupid and foolish — basically, exposing them for what they are — is one way to deal with them, although in the long run it would probably be best to ignore them completely.

But for me, the main point of this video was to create something a little more ambitious than usual. I’m always looking for new skills to learn.

Filming took place over a couple of days, partly because I had so many little cameos to film, but also to give that feel of a documentary made over a period of time. (Which is exactly what it was.)

The “Troll-O-Mat” application is nothing more than a small HTML file consisting of a form which actually does nothing at all. The only truly interactive element is a bit of JavaScript to make the comment appear when I click on “Generate comment” — and yes, there is only that one single comment programmed in. It was just a case of writing a simple HTML form, laying it out and hitting F11 to give me full-screen view. Bingo! Instant dummy application.

The dreadful sound quality is because at present, YouTube has done a bad job of programming the application that transcodes videos. Essentially, the compression algorithm is all over the place. I had to use a very aggressive denoiser in order to attempt to compensate, but this, of course, has resulted in my voice being badly distorted. However, another member, Sopranoguitar, has found a possible workaround, and so gets some kudos from me and a free mention here. I’ve been experimenting a little, and I’m getting encouraging results.