Kahlgrund Classic 2008

Kahlgrund Classic 2008

A classic/vintage care rallye we visited yesterday: a bit of a tradition, in fact. Too good to miss when you have a camcorder.

Mind you, it was a little disappointing from the dramatic filmic point of view. This was the pre-race gathering, where the vehicles were inspected and drivers briefed. They then left for the official start in the next village. Obviously, they didn’t all arrive at once, but neither did they leave at once: rather, they left about a minute apart. No field full of cars all revving their engines and no great convoy either.

I didn’t put any sound on this video. I couldn’t find any music that would fit — actually, I did find one or two pieces that sounded promising, but they all had “non-commercial” licences attached, so I couldn’t use them. And there’s no commentary because I didn’t have anything to say.

I don’t know what’s happened to the quality. It’s not terribly good, and YouTube doesn’t seem to have prepared a high quality version — at least, not yet. All rather mystifying, but I do have a couple of theories to get busy with.

Ho hum. Enjoy.