Munich 888

Munich 888

I wasn’t going to mention this here, but since the little video I’m posting here has now been featured in Germany (yes, two features within ten days; don’t even bother trying to figure out how that happened), I probably should.

Basically, there is a YouTube gathering planned for Munich in August. I’ve been tasked with providing some of the publicity material, in particular the official promotional videos. While I’m working on the promo vids, I threw this little teaser together, just to whet the appetite, as it were.

For those who’ve come here looking for answers, at the time I put this video together, they weren’t all decided. Well, here’s the latest information:

8 August, 2008.
1 pm.
Meeting place:
Professor-Huber-Platz, Munich, Germany, near Universität U-Bahn (subway) station.

If you need directions, here it is on Google Maps.

By the way, this shouldn’t be taken as a hint that I’ll be going. It’s a Friday, and I usually have to work Friday evenings, so… Sorry.