What’s cool about Germany?

What’s cool about Germany?

In the spirit of keeping my blog up to date, here’s my latest video — which is in German, but with English subtitles. Oh, and unlike the last video I posted here, this one’s a real collab.

Contrary to anything I might say in the movie, the real inspiration for this came from Miss V’s Top 5 list of Mega Cool things about Germany, in which missverstaendnis101 asks ex-pats to nominate some things they find cool about either their native countries, or their host countries. I decided on a slight twist here, and asked a bunch of my German subscribers to nominate things they liked about Germany.

Initially, the response was disappointing. Actually, the entire response was disappointing, but at least I got enough to make a video. It didn’t really turn out as I wanted, though: I was expecting about a dozen or so talking heads just reeling off a list, but in the event I had to do a lot more talking myself just to fill out the video a bit. Padding is occasionally actually necessary: here it makes it less obvious that the response was dismal.

However, the editing did take a slightly unexpected direction when I noticed that, while AericWinter and tavin15 both mentioned bread, AericWinter actually (coincidentally) inserted a pause exactly the right length for tavin15 to say his piece. And so I went for the split-screen look, which is not as complicated as it might seem, but is very effective.

The willing participants are (in order of appearance):