The great collab

The great collab

When I first got my YouTube account, I didn’t realise that many people viewed it as a social networking site. Personally, I see it more as a resource for hosting videos with some basic social networking capabilities, but there you go.

Still, despite YouTube’s huge size, the celebrity-and-networking world is surprisingly small. The relatively few big names pop up all over the place, and quite often collaborate with each other on video projects. A little cry of recognition has more than once escaped my lips on seeing a video collaboration by one of the really big stars featuring one of my subscribers.

“Collabs”, though, have their good points and their bad points. One the one hand, it’s sometimes necessary to have an extra character, even if only the voice, such as Paperlilies’s cameo in ChurchOfBlow’s video 1335Date.Com. On the other hand, a collab can be seen as a cheap way to gain attention.

This is a parody of the worst sort of collab: a collab that never needed to be a collab in the first place. And perhaps one of the most clichéd collabs of all is the one-YouTuber-phones-another variety. No wonder nobody else wanted to work on it.

In the spirit of learning by your mistakes, there are a couple of glaring ones in this short. For a start, I didn’t frame myself on the sofa very well: I”d framed the scene with myself leaning back, but most of the time I was sitting up straight, so the top of my head ended up cut off and I was looking out of the frame. Also, I didn’t give myself enough time between getting under that newspaper and reacting to the phone: I had to use a freeze frame to get a couple of seconds of myself asleep. That really shouldn’t happen.

Incidentally, until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how to make it sound as if my voice was coming through the phone. The software’s presets just weren’t terribly effective, and I fiddled about with the graphic equalizer to no avail — until, by chance, I read about telephone technology. To allow a single wire to carry several signals at once, the telephone system throws out anything with a frequency of more than 4kHz. So, to get that tinny sound, arrange the sliders like so: Everything above 4kHz is set to zero, the next slider goes all the way up to the top, and the remaining sliders are arranged in a gentle slope, the leftmost slider near the bottom.