The Starbucks Principle

The Starbucks Principle

Starbucks, as everyone knows, is that chain of coffee shops that sells a bewildering array of coffee flavours and sizes. For some reason, instead of offering the sizes small, medium and large, they insist on tall, grande and venti, and then pretend not to understand if you order sensibly. If you want a medium, you have to remember to order a grande, or go without.

The big Starbucks fans, the ones who have got ordering down to a fine art, complain when lesser mortals get confused and hold up the line because the staff are trained not to meet the clients halfway. What, they want to know, is so difficult about reading from the menu?

Good point; and I think it would be just great if we could extend the Starbucks Principle to other areas of life. For example:

vache slice
costume au James Bond
automobile energizer
goop pomodoro
tomato ketchup
timepiece moderne
digital clock
timepiece tradicionada
analogue clock
timepiece miniscule

I think this would improve the quality of our lives no end, and foster creativity and imagination. I’d be all for it.