Yet another conspiracy theory

Yet another conspiracy theory

Now that Macca has forked out over £24 million for the privilege of divorcing Heather Mills, the Daily Telegraph reports that fans have discovered hidden references in his latest album. Chief among them is the title of one of the tracks, Mister Bellamy, which is an anagram of “Mills betray me”. Aha, say the conspiracy theorists, that must have been deliberate.

This works, of course, if you write the title like that, but in fact everywhere else (meaning, everywhere except the fevered imaginings of people who don’t believe in coincidences) it’s written “Mr Bellamy”.

The Telegraph does point out that there are 18000 other English phrase “Mister Bellamy” is an anagram of, which sort of puts the conspiracy theories into perspective.

A couple of questions come to mind:

  1. Who first decided to sit down and make anagrams of all the titles of McCartney’s latest album tracks? And why?
  2. How does the Telegraph know there are 18000 other anagrams of the same phrase? Do they have staff employed to do this kind of research?