Fun with stylesheets

Fun with stylesheets

Did you know you can now change the look of this website?

Click on the Change style link on the menu bar, and you can select one of various different looks for this website.

I’ve just added another one, called “Green screen”, which is supposed to evoke the era of the old style green monitors (remember those?). It’s really terrible to use, actually, but I did it because I can.

There’s an odd bug with Internet Explorer 7, however, which does strange things with the border that’s supposed to separate the menu bar from the main content. I can’t for the life of me work out what’s wrong, but it’s definitely a bug because it can be triggered by scrolling the page up and down. You’ll see if you try it. Even more bizarrely, the whole thing worked perfectly on my PC here; it’s only on the server that it’s doing this. There’s no rhyme or reason I can think of, and of course there are no such problems with Firefox.

Oh, the joys of web design. Always good for a surprise or two.