The big yawn

The big yawn

It hasn’t escaped even the attention of the Daily Telegraph that Nicole Kidman was seen yawning at a Keith Urban concert. For some reason, this is either of earth-shattering importance, or richly comic.

The story achieves a certain piquancy, of course, because Urban and Kidman are man and wife. I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. Is Kidman duty-bound to pay rapt attention to everything he does?

At least the Telegraph website relegated this story to its “And Also&hellip” section, dedicated to amusing or bizarre stories. Not that there’s anything amusing or bizarre about it. The photos are unflattering; and yes, Kidman was clearly either bored, or very tired, or both.

And so what? One would hope that she married Keith Urban because she thinks he’d make a great husband for her, and not because she thinks he’s a great musician. So what if she doesn’t really like his music?

And if she’s tired, that wouldn’t be surprising either. She actually has something called a “career”. I don’t know — and, to be honest, I don’t much care — if she’s in the middle of making some blockbuster movie or even just doing some miscellaneous bits and pieces in between making blockbuster movies, but acting is not exactly an easy job. Apart from anything else, the hours suck.

So basically, this whole story is about an actress caught in the act of yawning. Well, big flippin’ deal.

And now, next week’s headlines:

  • Johnny Depp gets the hiccups.
  • Tony Blair seen trying to swat annoying fly.
  • Andrea Corr rolls eyes in exasperation.
  • Lucy Liu scratches head while trying to remember location of car keys.
  • George Bush clears throat before starting speech.

Well, I’m yawning now. Anyone want to make a headline out of that?