I know I’m getting old

Yesterday, an old woman on the bus offered to give me her seat. Almost as worrying as that is the fact that I came home fully intending to write about it… and totally forgot. (Until now.)

I’m dreaming of a white Easter

This is just bizarre. Having gone without snow for practically the whole of the winter, this happens.

In truth, we haven’t had quite as much snow as other parts of Germany have this last week. Just a few miles away, on the Spessart hills and in the Odenwald, they’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty. It’s not the amount of snow that’s been the problem, but rather the fact that it’s very wet, and thus very heavy. It’s brought down a few trees and power lines.

Holiday weather

Photo showing horrible weather (41kB)

This is the weather we’re having. You can probably just make out that it’s kind of snowing, but it’s the unpleasant, wet stuff that makes you feel unlucky to be alive.

This is also the reason you’re unlikely to see any nice videos of the German countryside this Easter. It’s just too horrid for words.

It’s Easter, but not as we know it

It’s true, we’ve had white Easters before, and this is shaping up to be another one of those. But still, a pleasantly mild winter followed by a freezing cold spring is just wrong.

It would help, though, if the weather forecasts could agree on what we are likely to expect. One article promised bitter conditions with blizzards and snowdrifts — “more snow than we had in the entire winter” — and linked to a weather map which showed drizzle.

I’ll keep you posted.

My ears…

Can you relate to this?

The main reason for posting this is to make sure the code I put in for adding videos works. But it’s fun in its own right.