That seems to have been successful

Well, it’s all uploaded now. At first it looked as if the stylesheet wasn’t working properly, but that seems to have been a minor glitch.

If you can see this post, then the site has passed its most rigorous test, and you can all rejoice with me.

Crossing fingers…

Well, it’s ready to upload now. Let’s just hope it behaves itself on the server.

Archive ready to go

Woah. That was surprisingly quick. The archive is archived.

Getting the archive up…

Having a couple of days free, with the weather so bad neither I nor my wife have any desire to go outside in the, uh, “fresh” air, I decided to tackle the huge problem of getting all my previous articles into an archive section.

Actually, it’s a lot easier than I thought. I may even get it done today. After that, it’s just a question of filling in some of the blanks still remaining, and then uploading the brand-new site.

And hoping that everything kind of works properly.

First post

The new site design is going well, and although it’s not yet online (and unlikely to go online for a few weeks at least), I’m making a few posts all the same.

Briefly, then, this site is going to a be (hopefully) less of a pain to maintain than the old site. In particular, it’ll be more of a blog style site, so that I’m not committed to writing a full article every week, which turned out to be impossible. Instead, I can just write a few random lines and post them — bam!

I still have a long way to go with this design. The biggest to-do now is to archive all my old articles. That’s easier said than done, though, because I want to make sure all the old links still work, while rewriting the script. But it should be doable.