About me

Go on, ask away…

A photo of rewboss wearing a superhero costume.
Andrew Bossom. And yes, that is a real name. Don’t bother sending me a joke about my name: I’ve heard them all before, including the rude ones.
Date of birth
24th January 1970. Apparently, that makes me old.
Current location
Top left-hand corner of Bavaria, Germany. That’s right: I don’t live in the country of my birth. So what?
Marital status
Surprisingly, married.
Freelance English teacher, translator, proof-reader and website designer. That’s enough for one lifetime, to be honest. In my next life I want to be a worker on some production line somewhere: it’s considerably less hassle.
Favourite colour
I don’t really know. I don’t know what the point of having a favourite colour is.
Half-full or half-empty?
About fifty-fifty.
Pizza topping
Ham, mushrooms, brocolli, egg, tuna, pineapple, bacon, salami, cheesecake, banana, salmon, cornflakes, dark chocolate, mint and fresh cream.
Favourite book
The Oxford English Dictionary. Admittedly, the plot sucks, but it’s very well organised.
Least favourite movie
That one with George Clooney playing Batman, bursting into tears like a nine-year-old girl because he thinks his butler is going to die.
Weirdest fantasy
Let’s just say that it features a flying-helmet and an armadillo.
Pet hate
Meaningless surveys that get posted on MySpace and copied into web forums and e-mails.